About us

Quantum Mobile Distribution GmbH is an expert distributor of telecommunication products and consumer electronics. We provide high quality products and modern solutions to those who want to be on top of the latest trends in telecommunication.

Our office in Austria provides sales services with added value. Our large supplier network delivers new brands to Austrian consumers so that they can have access to innovative technology.

We believe that multichannel and just-in-time approaches are the future. As an advanced distributor, we consider the ability to process orders starting from 1 pcs. to 10.000 pcs. in the same place essential and we smoothly integrate with our customers to deliver high quality products to the door of the end customer. We care about each order and you can always count on our feedback and on time delivery.

Our core services

Fast, hassle free deliveries


Our highly-skilled professionals provide individual handling, service packages and logistics of any complexity for all customers. You can choose an individual service package that suits you best and our experts will provide you with all the details required. Terms of delivery are also flexible and our team will help you with a suitable time slot.

Efficient Connection


We are at the intersection of the key vendors, resellers, e-tailers and retailers and it allows us to develop, customize and deliver highly targeted applications for industry verticals, business to business customers and commercial needs. We support active communication with our current and potential customers and partners, and we are always ready to answer your questions about the latest trends and solutions.

Best supporting agency you can find


Our marketing team and carefully selected partners are at your service 24/7. The mission of our marketing division is to become the best supporting agency and provide our vendors with Marketing 360, PR, Digital Media solutions for successful product positioning on local markets. Our company provides a full range of services including content and visual development, production and installation. In case you want to try some of our products we provide in-store display and branding.


Creative & Content-Driven Marketing Strategies for Tech Brands

Creative & Content-Driven Marketing Strategies for Tech Brands

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E-Commerce on Magento

E-Commerce on Magento

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Step Forward With Digital Marketing

Step Forward With Digital Marketing

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